About Zama Tours and Safaris

Established in 2008 and with headquarters in Zanzibar, Zama Tours & Safaris provides superior services for those who want to explore both Zanzibar and Tanzania mainland. Wildlife safaris, mountain climbs, beach holidays and watersports are only part of our wide range of services. Zama Tours & Safaris believe that providing a tourism service is a very delicate and complicate business, and should be approached with utmost professionalism. When customers come in our hands, the first thing they should experience, even before the beauty of our country, is our memorable hospitality.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our guests by offering outstanding customer service, great value, safety and comfort, and above all bring your dreams to reality and craft them into a lifelong souvenir.

Zama Tours Staffs

We at Zama Tours & Safaris would love to share our experience of a land we so much treasure, Zanzibar, Tanzania and its people. We offer exciting, affordable and irresistible tours and travel packages to individuals and groups. On this site you will find all information on our many destinations, some sample itineraries and a selection of services we can offer you. Needless to say that there are endlessly more alternatives…. in fact, many great tours have not made it on these pages! If you don’t see anything that immediately excites you, feel free to call for new ideas. You will find our staff knowledgeable, our pricing to be reasonable and affordable. We pride ourselves on providing honest and accurate information so that your expectations are well matched with what we can deliver.Choose your favorite sites, tell us what you would like to see and in what kind of accommodation you would like to stay, and we prepare an introductory itinerary for you. Then together with you, we’ll finalize your tour into your ideal holiday.

Don’t hesitate to call or write with your questions at any time.

Zama Tours &Safaris is a proud member of the Zanzibar association of tour Operators, ZATO, and the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators, TATO. We also support less fortune local school dropouts to pursue business studies under a 4-year’s full sponsorship scheme. We are proud to have received in 2013the Certificate of Approval from the Zanzibar commission after the completion of a five years’ probation period of professional ethics.

As we are celebrating nine years of over 25,000+ of happy guests, we are confident that our company is heading to the right direction and we want to offer a heartfelt thanks to all of you who has chosen our company.

Best wishes,

Mussa Msabah Haji