Zanzibar’s coastline boasts fine, white sands, azure lagoons, rich coral reefs and coconut palm fringes. Her inviting waters offer world class scuba diving and deep sea fishing amongst many other pursuits.

There are several professional watersports centers throughout Zanzibar, with a range of exciting activities to enjoy and explore Zanzibar’s superb marine environment.

The crystal clear tropical waters surrounding the island of Zanzibar are home to some of the world’s most diverse sea life and colourful reefs.  At Mnemba Atoll Marine Park turtles are a common site and are used to seeing divers.  At least three pods of dolphins live in the area and are seen on almost all trips and the majestic whale sharks migrate past the island twice a year.  Around the same time of year whales can be seen and a pod of rare humpback dolphins have been sighted many times.  These strange creatures number only twelve hundred in the world and we are lucky enough to have around forty in the area.

The most popular water activities are the following:

  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba diving
  • Kite surfing
  • Big game fishing