Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing

Located in the east coast of Africa, facing Tanzania’s primary city Dar es Salaam, northwest of Madagascar and southeast of the Seychelles, Zanzibar offers many advantages for kite surfing, kite boarding and kiting.

The island enjoys a tropical climate, so kite surfing can be practiced during the major part of the year, thanks to the mild weather and the temperature of the sea’s crystal clear waters. The long and white sand beaches with few people during most of the day allow a quicker learning process, besides a very pleasant and peaceful navigation.

Most of the island’s east coast is surrounded by a coral reef. You can kite beside the reef, accompanied by dolphins and a variety of species while observing the sea bed and the turquoise color waters. If you prefer to navigate in the area between the coast and the coral reef, kiting is easier and so is the learning process.

A flat-water natural lagoon, waist deep turquoise sandy bottom water and of course friendly winds. The reef is far off-shore, after ample flat water, perfect for beginners, freestylers and riders of all levels. The reef itself offers amazing waves for the more experienced among us who are in love with wave riding, wake styling and free riding.


Thanks to the perfect weather and wind seasonality, the island is a perfect spot to learn and enjoy kite surfing. That is why the island offers a great potential for a future development and growth of a sport that relies on the winds.

Kusi and Kaskazi are the prevailing winds on the island:

• 4 months of Kaskazi wind (NE)

15th December through 15th April, approx. north wind. This wind also blows parallel to the beach, although the speed varies somehow. There are days with higher speed.

• 2 months with no wind

• 4 months of Kusi wind (SE)

15th June through 15th October approx. south wind. This wind blows every day, permanently, following parallel to the beach line upwards. In the morning the wind has a speed of 15 to 18 knots whereas at dusk the speed rises to 18 to 25 knots.

• 2 months with no wind


This section is specially addressed to experienced riders wishing to experiment new sensations in an ideal spot to practice kite surf. We have interesting proposals for each style or discipline:


Several kilometers crossings, parallel to be beach line and reef, or surrounding small islands, some uninhabited, in middle of a really fascinating scenery.


For the ones that come from surf or to whom looking the wave provides them with special sensations. We also offer the option to navigate in large and small waves scenarios.


For those who wish to specialize in jumps and acrobatics, we know the best beaches where to teach or practice anything crazy with the support of our experienced instructors, navigating inside the reef where the water depth is considerably shallower that will help to guarantee a saver environment to riders.


Kite surfing centers / schools are prepared to satisfy the needs for kiters with different levels of expertise; from the beginner to the professional kiter. That is why they offer courses, spots and materials for each level. The courses always include full equipment. Each instructor has a maximum of 4 pupils per course (1 sail / 2 people), as experience has proven that a larger group number hinder learning and the group security. Depending on each ones level, practices and courses can be skipped over.


1 day with 3 teaching hours, always on the sand. In the beginning we will use a 2 / 3 meter kite to be replaced by another one for following level.


2 days with 6 teaching hours (3 hours per day). On the first day we will review the basic knowledge’s learned during the initiation course. The second day we will basically learn the main security exercises and other practices indispensable for a safe and amusing navigation: body drag, land & lunch the kite, quick release, etc. At the end of the session, we will start practicing in the sea, with the board.


3 days with 9 teaching hours (3 hours per day). On the first two days, there will be a review of the intermediate course (first day dedicated to go over the main points and the second day dedicated to security and navigation). On the third day, improve launching from the beach, navigation with up & down wind.


The centers also offer all equipment you need for kite boarding at very competitive prices. Rental insurance is not included but in case of loss and damage, a rental insurance of VDWS is offered for the lengths of your stay.

  • Kites incl. bar
  • Kite boards
  • Wetsuits
  • Helmets
  • Harnesses

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