Weddings in Zanzibar

Zama Tours & Safaris is the island’s specialist in weddings. We can arrange a full wedding for you, including all the paperwork, hotel booking, food arrangements, decorations, bride and groom preparations like massages, photographer and unique touches which make the most important day of your life even more unforgettable. Marriage on the pristine white beach of a boutique resort is the most usual. But Zama’s most attractive feature is an intimate ceremony on a deserted sandbank in the turquoise Indian Ocean, reached only by a traditional wooden dhow.

Several hotels and resorts like Anna of Zanzibar, Spice Island Hotel & Resort and Michamvi Sunset Bay contract our legal and practical services, while accommodation and decorations are arranged by the hotel itself.

Weddings can be arranged in all shapes and sizes, from small and intimate to all singing, all dancing extravaganzas with hundreds of guests. Venues for the ceremony are numerous, from the white sands and blue waters of the resort beach, mysterious historical ruins of the sultan’s area, local fishing villages, traditional wooden sailing boats to absolutely deserted sandbanks. Below we enumerate some of the services Zama Tours can develop for you, suggested resorts, a sample of a wedding package in one of our partner hotels and some remarks about the official side of the marriage.

• Fruit platter and “love cookies” in the room upon arrival
• Traditional arm massage for henna paining for the bride during the morning
• Maasai escort for the bride before the ceremony
• Swahili Ngoma dance and entertainment after the ceremony
• Flowers decoration for the venue within the resort and on the beach
• Local flowers wristbands for the bride
• A wedding cake for two
• Romantic sea food dinner for two
• Honeymoon surprise gift in the room
• Complementary couple massage at the resort spa
• Commemorative Certificate
• Processing of documentation before and after the wedding, performing the ceremony, registration fees and wedding certificate.
• Processional photographer

 Anna of Zanzibar
 Seacliff Resort & Spa
 Michamvi Sunset Bay
 Spice Island Hotel & Resort
 Gold Zanzibar Beach House & Spa
 Flame Tree Cottages
 Blue Bay Beach resort
 Sultan Sands Resort

Anna of Zanzibar is a luxury intimate resort nested in lush tropical gardens on the pristine east coast of Zanzibar. The turquoise Indian Ocean is pleasantly warm all year round. Low tide is ideal for long romantic coastal walks. High tide is for perfect for swimming and snorkeling out to explore the reef.

Let  Zama Tours together with Anna of Zanzibar host your dream wedding and relax in the peace of mind that experienced yet personalized service brings. We can take care of every detail: band, decoration, drinks, flower arrangements, photographer, hairstylist, and fabulous food, make up assistance etc.

Your wedding at Anna of Zanzibar
Every wedding is unique and so your creative ideas are important. Here’s our suggestion to get you started.

Begin your special day with a refreshing breakfast on the beach followed by a relaxing massage at Anna’ spa for the bride. At midday your stylist will arrive to do your hair and make-up. You may also wish to have a beautiful traditional henna tattoo on your hands or feet. The groom is also treated to an invigorating massage.
Take your time as you get ready and the excitement builds up for your big day, enjoying a light lunch and sparkling wine. A photographer will be present from the beginning of the day to record the exciting preparations and the friendly team will be on hand to assist with anything else you may need.

Anna and Zama will take care of the logistics and paperwork, leaving you to sit back and relax at the hotel. At 3pm, the commissioner of Zanzibar will visit to check your paperwork.
At 4pm, your wedding will take place under the canopy of a palm hut on the white sand beach, adorned with beautiful, exotic flowers. The sounds of the traditional Taarab band will greet you; Zanzibari melodies will float on the warm breeze.

The ceremony will last approximately 20 minutes, after which you will be husband and wife, happily married. We welcome ceremonies enriched by your personal music, readings and blessings. There are many options and we can help with suggestions here.

After your ceremony, your photographer will take some beautiful images to capture the day; the gardens, pool and beach surrounding Anna of Zanzibar make the ideal setting. Choose from a Swahili dinner or a lobster dinner under the expansive African starlit sky for your evening celebrations. The celebrations and lively band continue well into the evening, and you are of course welcome to contribute to the music with your own playlists.

There are a few things you have to organize before coming to Zanzibar for your wedding. These are:
• You must declare your intent to marry at least 3 weeks before the date on which you intend to exchange vows.
• You must send a marriage application to the Regional Commissioner, stating details such as your birthdates, full names, birthplaces of parents, current domiciles. In this marriage application, you must clearly state that neither party is already married nor that you intend to marry in Zanzibar. This document should be signed by both parties, and notarized if the ceremony is a civil one.
What types of documents are required to get married in Zanzibar?
To legally marry in Zanzibar, you will have to provide the following documents:
• A passport valid for 10 years with 2 photocopies
• 2 passport size photographs
• Your birth certificate with 2 copies
• Affidavit confirming that neither party is currently married
• A certificate of domicile (states your place of permanent residence)
• A certificate of No Impediment (to ensure that there are no obstructions)
If you are widowed, you will be required to show the death certificate of your deceased spouse and the certificate of this marriage. If you are divorced, you will have to provide your divorce certificate.
If your wedding ceremony is of a religious variety, you will need written consent from your church with any specific guidelines, and to ensure that banns (a public statement of a proposed marriage) are announced in your country of residence.

*All documents should be authentic, official, and should be sealed with an apostil and notarized.

How much time do I need to spend in Zanzibar prior to getting married?
By law, you have to have been in Zanzibar 2 working days before marrying.

Are there any legal requirements to marry in Zanzibar?
Two witnesses are required to be present during the registry ceremony. Both the bride and groom should be at least 18 years old to be married without any parental consent required. They should not be related in any form, whether by blood, adoption, or marriage within their family circle.